What Are Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) Gaskets and Should You Be Using Them?

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) Gaskets are simply gaskets made from DuPont trademarked fluoroelastomer. Now, let us get down to why that is important to you.

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rubber is formulated for the intense situations gaskets encounter. Gaskets in many applications must stand up to high heats, chemicals and pressure. The compound Dupont created can withstand heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for indefinite periods of time and can with stand temperatures to 600 degrees for up to 48 hours. This high temperature resistance makes Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) Gaskets more durable than Buna gaskets for high heat situations.

Tensile strength is another place where Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rubber shines for gaskets. It has an incredible 1000 PSI tensile strength. It will stand up to extreme pressures where other gasket materials fail.

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) comes in different grades for different applications. Here is a brief synopsis of the different grades and their common uses:

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) A – This is the most common Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) grade in use. It is considered the commercial grade material which is used for general purposes in the automotive industry, the fuel industry, and in aerospace.

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) B – This grade is used by the electrical industries and chemical processing industries.

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) F – This grade was formulated to be more resistant to automotive fuels, water, steam, and inorganic acids.

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) Extreme – Dupont created this formula to provide the highest resistance to harsh chemicals. It is used for gaskets and seals in the oil field industry, for automotive fuel applications, and for aerospace fuel seals.

One of the features you would rarely think about when looking at gaskets is mold and fungus resistance. Rubber seals can become infected with mold and fungus which quickly deteriorates their capability. The mold and fungus can then move into your fuels, hydraulic fluid, or other areas of your equipment causing damage. Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) Rubber is resistant to mold and fungus growth.

Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rubber is flexible in usage, too. It can be extruded to produce O-rings and other extruded gaskets, or produced in sheets for punched gaskets and seals. Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) gaskets are manufactured using a wide variety of methods, also. You can use die cutting equipment to punch out thousands of gaskets per hour, or hand cut gaskets for one-off applications. It works superbly with waterjet cutting equipment and flash cutting equipment, too.

Where are Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) gaskets used? Let us take a quick look at some of their applications in the automotive industry.

Fuel Tanks – Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) is used to make the gaskets, seals, and hoses in fuel tanks. It is resistant to gasoline, diesel, and blended fuels. Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) will not swell or become soft when used in direct contact with fuel.

Fuel Injectors – Fuel injector seals are made with Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) to make sure they do not degrade from fuel, or the heat from being mounted on the engine.

Emmission Control Devices – Talk about a harsh environment. Emission control devices get hot. Hot waste gases rush through the devices and the gaskets must make sure no gases escape. Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rubber can resist both the heat and fuel waste.

Air Intake Manifolds – Your manifolds will feel the heat during long trips and hot summer days. Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) gaskets make sure the seals stay tight to keep your engine running smooth.

One area we have not mentioned is low temperatures. Dupont has formulated some of their Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) materials to be able to withstand low temperature situations, too. Why is this important? Ask the people living in Canada, Alaska and other northern places.

Your gaskets needs to remain flexible and tight whether your engine is cooking at running temperatures or is dead cold on a sub-zero morning. Those tight seals keep water out of lines and make sure air flow happens properly at any temperature.

The same situations you find in the automotive world are present in machines in factories, in the aerospace industry, and other heavy industries. Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) gaskets can stand up to the rigors needed in almost any situation.

The flexibility of Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rubber makes it the first choice for gaskets in any harsh or critical application. When you need to replace gaskets, ask if the new gaskets are made from Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer). Even if you pay slightly more for Viton ® (FKM Fluoroelastomer) gaskets today, you will save money with their improved performance and longevity.

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